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Register Your Team

    The Northwest Ball Hockey League provides a competitive atmosphere that still allows for fun. It has been in operation for over 20 years now and had thousands of participants in action.

    After a brief hiatus, the NWBHL is back for another run! Thanks to a lease extention at Central City Arena, we have enough time to sneak in a condensed season. Here is the pertinent information about the upcoming season:

Fall Season Info
Projected Season Start Date: September 9th or 16th
Projected Season End Date: Early December
Season Fees: $1650
Number Of Games: 10 regular season, plus semifinal and final
Game Days: Saturdays Only
Location: Central City Arena, Surrey Projected Game Times: 7:00/8:00/9:30/10:30
Season Format: 4 A teams/4 B teams - All teams make playoffs
Playoff Format: Single Elimination

Spring Season Info
Projected Season Start Date: April 15th
Projected Season End Date: End of June
Season Fees: $1650
Number Of Games: 10 plus playoffs (Up to 6 playoff games)
Game Days: Friday or Sunday (With a couple doubleheaders sprinkled in)
Projected Game Times: Fri- 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, Sun- 12:00, 1:00, 2:00
Season Format: To Be Determined
Playoff Format: All series are best-of-three

What The League Provides
    Here at the NWBHL, we believe that the best way to involve our members is through our league interface, and as such we have the most complete website in rec sport that includes the following features:

    Some additional bonuses the league offers:
  • Many games videotaped and posted on Youtube
  • Two certified refs
  • League Player Awards
  • League Forum Board
  • Spare jersey set available for rental

To start the registration process please send an email to jeffbrailsford@hotmail.com

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