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New This Week... (September 20th, 2017)

Season Suspended!

     The Northwest League has officially suspended the season. The league has faced some tough challenges over the past year, losing not one, but essentially two different facilities. This was a large factor in dampening the enthusiasm in the ball hockey community which combined with the late start the league got on putting this season together, made for quite difficult conditions for teams to build their rosters. Though there was at one point as many as nine teams giving consideration to putting in, many collapsed late in the game leaving us with just five clubs to run the season with. One of the five folded after the opening weekend and sadly the league no longer has enough to remain sustainable.

     Though we are suspending operations for the time being, the good news is that our home, the Arenex, is being rebuilt and a temporary structure will be constructed on the grounds next to the build site in a time frame I am told will be about a year. Many teams have already pledged to return and we will reboot things when the pieces are in place. Until that day, I'd like to pass on my many thanks to the team GM's the refs, scorekeepers, and our videographer that helped us put on a successful game. Most of all I'd like to thank our many players that have competed throughout the years and made this one of the funnest places to spend an evening. Thanks and we'll see you again!
- Jeff Brailsford, NWBHL President

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Storm @ Titans

    The Surdel Storm captured the "B" Division championship as they downed the Delta Titans in a thrilling winner-take-all Finals Game 3!

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2016/17 NWBHL Champions

Scroll over image for player map


Surrey Wolfpac - "A" Div

1 - Steve Mulholland
2 - Dave Fisher
3 - Peter Chohan
4 - Brenden Ham
5 - Manvir Pooni
6 - Stan McClellan
7 - Mike Sanghara
8 - Ryan Simonsen
9 - Sanjeev Haer
10 - Mike Farrington
11 - Jonny Pal
12 - Tony Chohan
13 - Ajeet Bains
14 - Jason Makowski
15 - Harmeet Sidhu
16 - Dean Salsnek
Not Pictured -  Jason Sidhu, Grant Anderson, Jason Gill, Jaskaran Sanghara

This championship team picture is also available in an uncut hi-res format. To see it click here.


Surdel Storm - "B" Div

1 - Rob Moxness
2 - Pinder Gill
3 - Terrance Bains
4 - Raheem Khan
5 - Shaquille Gehlen
6 - Rishaad Abbas
7 - Sandeep Khabra
8 - Dan Ko
9 - Dave Snyder
10 - Andrew Jamison
11 - Taz Dhillon
12 - Onkar Bhandher
13 - MJ Brown
14 - Vesal Mohmand
15 - Ami Gill
16 - Jas Sidhu
17 - Waseem Khalil
Not Pictured - Cliff Stayner, Ian Banks, Mario Bolognese, Bob Sidhu, Rashid Wahed

This championship team picture is also available in an uncut hi-res format. To see it click here.

Any comments or corrections please send to jeffbrailsford@hotmail.com

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