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New This Week... (August 25th, 2016)

Season Opens September 10th!

     The countdown is on as we are now just TWO WEEKS from our fall season starting date of September 10th. We move back to the Saturday night only slot as usual for the Fall campaign. Once again the season will be 18 games plus playoffs. The starting time of the first slot has been moved back slightly this season to 5:45 to accomodate a smoother transition between the gymnastics rental group in before us and our hockey. Expect there to be some announcements over the coming week or so at to what the roster of teams will look like. You can look for at least a couple of teams to make their NWBHL debuts!

Playoff Picture Set Released

     The Spring '16 Playoff Pics are now available for viewing. There are 178 photos in the album, covering most of series of the postseason.


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Mercenaries @ Panthers

    The New West Panthers captured their first NWBHL title with a sweep of the Mercenaries in the "B" Div Finals!

For info on ordering DVD versions of these games, read the instructions to the bottom of the video archive page.

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Spring 2016 NWBHL Champions

Scroll over image for player map


South Van Core - "A" Div

1 - Sunny Basi
2 - Kevin Booth
3 - Nameet Kumar
4 - Atar Seehra
5 - Nick McNicol
6 - Jay Dove
7 - Harman Basra
8 - Shane Ram
9 - Prab Jaswal
10 - Amrit Shergill
Not Pictured - Michael Craig, Navjeet Dhami, Sean Grewal, Shane Khan, Larry Mey, Aiden Mottus, Nick Pavlakis, Jasdip Uppal

This championship team picture is also available in an uncut hi-res format. To see it click here.


New West Panthers - "B" Div

1 - Luvdeep Gill
2 - Scott Wilshire
3 - Paul Bassi
4 - Shaydon Dosanjh
5 - Jas Bains
6 - Gary Hallate
7 - Colton Kahle
8 - Jasmeet Koonar
9 - Pardip Hundhal
10 - Mandip Koonar
11 - Varinder Hothi
12 - Avi Bassi
13 - Zoran Babic
14 - Dave Sherwin
15 - Jesse Thind
16 - Bryan Sakata
17 - Bill Gill

This championship team picture is also available in an uncut hi-res format. To see it click here.

Any comments or corrections please send to jeffbrailsford@hotmail.com

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